Wax Pack Flashback 1991 Football: Pro Set Series 1

Are ready for some football cards???!!! While Mickey awaits filming the official second season of Wax Pack Flashback, Jason takes the helm to bring you a special 9-part series looking at football cards! Take a 30-year trip in time and watch him open 9 different packs from 1991.

In the first video, watch Jason open Pro Set Series 1 cards and get a sneak peak at all the packs he’ll be opening in the series. If you are a VIP of The Retro Network, you’ll get early access to every video in the series AND one exclusive opening that won’t be shown on YouTube! 

Happy football season and we hope you enjoy the new Wax Pack Flashback 1991 Football series.

Watch the Pro Set Series 1 opening video below and subscribe to the TRN TV YouTube channel so you don’t miss a episode!

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