TRN Podcast 017 – Good and Bad Halloween Treats

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Jason welcomes back Mickey to the show after a quick identity verification thanks to Pizza Hut Cheez-Its pizza. Mickey gives his reviews of guest host Adam as we roll into a few announcements including our Retro Con prize pack and Essay Contest winners. Then it’s on to this week’s Recurrent Events headlines which include:

  • 80s film rights battles that could turn into fast-tracked sequels
  • G.I. Joe Snake Eyes movie casts Baroness
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4 is next for Eddie Murphy
  • New Inspector Gadget movie in development at Disney
  • Stranger Things Season 4 Announced
  • Netflix’s Lost in Space Season 2 trailer
  • Pluto TV 24/7 channels now include American Gladiators
  • Sesame Street headed to HBO Max
  • New episodes of Forensic Files
  • Fresh Prince inspired clothing line from Will Smith
  • Chip Fingers puts an end to Cheetos dust

Our TRN Time Machine discussion this week, sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube channel, is all about Halloween treats! Mick and Jason talk first about their trick-or-treat experience as kids followed by a new poll revealing the top Halloween candy by state. Then we reach into our Halloween treat bag to see what candy/goodies we were pulling out first to enjoy and also the worst treats that got left at the bottom of the bag.

We’ll also tell you about a few things of note on website including new articles, podcasts, and our current Ugly Halloween Sweater Giveaway. Plus, you’ll hear a couple spooky commercials in between segments from back in the day.

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