The New ‘What’s The Line?’ Game Show Is Here!

The Retro Network presents a new game show called What’s The Line? hosted by Jason. Contestants will be trying to guess famous quotes and lines from TV and Movie history as well as answering trivia questions.

Two rounds determine the winner by the highest points total. In the Countdown round, players must identify famous lines and quotes from five categories: News/Talk/Sports, Comedy, Stay Tuned, Drama, and Movies. The players with the highest point totals from the Countdown round then get first crack at the Primetime round which features 10 categories. Each Primetime category has 4 trivia questions worth various point amounts. Players snake their way through the Primetime categories until each player has completed two and a winner is determined. The winner will then be invited back as returning champion on the next show against new players (as available.) Champions and players with high point averages will earn a spot during our end of season playoffs in Dec 2021 to win actual prizes!

Our first episode features all TRN staffers: Karen, Gary, Eric, Stacey, and Tim. Watch below as they compete to become the first What’s The Line? champion!

Watch the video or listen to the podcast…

If you want to be a contestant, message Jason on social media @TRNsocial or send an email to jason@theretronetwork(dot)com

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