SequelQuest Rewind | A Hook Sequel | EP19

(From May 2016)

It’s been 25 years since a middle-aged Peter Pan returned to Neverland to battle his  old nemesis, Captain Hook. In this 1991 Spielberg re-imagining we got the late Robin Williams as the boy who finally grew up and Dustin Hoffman as his mustachioed nemesis, out to get those punk rock Lost Boys like mohawked Rufio. Plus Bob Hoskins as Smee and Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell in great supporting roles.

Now SequelQuest is ready to continue the adventure as Adam, Jeff and returning guest Judy discuss their ideas for a Hook sequel and prequel. This episode is chock full of wonder, adventure and Ru-Fi-O, Ru-Fi-Ooooo!

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SequelQuest Rewind | A Hook Sequel | EP19

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