Rental Return: Adam Visits Captain Video

Adam Pope, creator and interviewer for the Rental Return podcast, recently visited the Captain Video rental store in San Mateo, CA. During the Rental Return Season 2 Preview episode, several video rental themed newspaper articles from the ’80s were discussed by Adam, Chad, and Jason which included the small chain of California based stores called Captain Video. A quick google search by Adam found one still in existence and luckily, already had a trip planned to Cali. Adam drove 6-hours one way just to visit the store and interview the owner of 37 years, Ira Belfer.

This video features several clips along Adam’s journey as well as a walk-through of the store and the complete interview with the owner.

(Please note, the interview will be released as a bonus episode in the Rental Return feed this week with improved audio.)

For more info on Captain Video, visit them on Facebook

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