Recurrent Events: Amazing Stories Trailer, The Saint Reboot, Quarter Pounder Scented Candles

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The big story this week is all of the toys coming out of Toy Fair this weekend. Hasbro is stealing the show with the new G.I. Joe figures, a reproduction of the original Kenner Real Ghostbusters toyline, and a reboot of Tiger Electronics handheld games. But probably the coolest thing I’ve seen this past week are scaled replicas of Masters of the Universe weapons! While I remember some costume play items back in the day like the Power Sword, none of those really looked like the weapons in the animated series or even the figure accessories. These new props from Factory Entertainment will really make cosplayers happy and for fans like me, I can see a power sword and battle axe hung above my fireplace mantle.

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events headlines for the week of Feb 16 – Feb 22, 2020. (Stories marked with *** are discussed on TRN Podcast this week.)






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