Misheard Lyrics: “Even Downtown, Boys Are Scary”

Our next entry in the misheard lyrics dictionary is another favorite from the ’80s. ‘Til Tuesday broke onto the music charts in 1985 after playing the local scene in Boston for several years. Their first commercial single “Voices Carry” echoed into the MTV stratosphere with heavy airplay on the cable channel and a Best New Artist moonman trophy at the MTV Music Awards in 1985.

While most consider ‘Til Tuesday as a one hit wonder, they did chart another single in the Top 40 the following year, “What About Love” which was the lead single from their 2nd album. Unfortunately, they could never top their initial success and the band broke up by decade’s end. Nonetheless, “Voices Carry” was such a decade-defining hit and with its music video, remains an icon of the ’80s.

Shortly after my wife and I were together, she confessed to me that as a child, she misheard the chorus of “Voice Carry.” Instead of the actual lyrics…

Hush hush. Keep it down now, voice carry.

She interpreted…

Hush, hush. Even downtown, boys are scary.

I can say I’m not surprised with fashion trends like mullets, parachute pants, and large mustaches back in the ’80s. And talking with friends over the years, I know she wasn’t the only who has screwed up the words to this song. See if any of these interpretations from AmIRight sound familiar:

Oh George, living downtown, is so scary.

Hush hush, even downtown, horses scare me.

Hot shot, keep it down now, this is Gary.

He walks straight, but only part of the time. (He wants me)

Are you guilty of some misheard lyrics? Leave a comment if you have any others that you want to throw in the mix…

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