Joe Boxer
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Joe Boxer

Boring boxer shorts got a personality when Joe Boxer turned underwear into funderwear. Like Underoos for adults, Joe Boxer made dressing fun, as smiley faces, chili peppers, dollar signs, fish, jack-o-lanterns, Christmas trees and more CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Underoos

“Underwear that’s fun to wear, It’s you in your Underoos!” Up, up and away…Underoos made make-believe even better when fun came to underwear, transforming you into your favorite superhero or cartoon character. Wonder Woman, Batman, CONTINUE READING…

Panama Jack
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Panama Jack

While yuppies raced up Wall Street in designer sneakers and powersuits, the surfing subculture glorified the relaxed nature of fun in the sun. Panama Jack had been making sun-care products for their native Florida since CONTINUE READING…