TRN Podcast 023 – Planes, Traines and Automobiles at TRN Drive-In

This week’s episode is an introduction to a brand new show for The Retro Network Podcast Channel. Featured this week is our beta episode for TRN Drive-In, a movie review podcast hosted by Mickey and Jason.

But before we park the car and screen the movie, you’ll hear our initial segment of the regular TRN Podcast and a few announcements to pass along for Thanksgiving week. We will forego our normal Recurrent Events and Time Machine segments this week to introduce the new show, but if you don’t want to miss all the retro pop culture headlines we normally pass along, be sure to check out Recurrent Events on the TRN website.

The first movie we will be screening at TRN Drive-In is the Thanksgiving classic Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Starring Steve Martin as Neal Page, John Candy as Del Griffith, and written and directed by the late great John Hughes, this 1987 film is a seasonal must-watch for many movie lovers. Mickey takes the lead for the review by supplying the facts, what-ifs, some unique award nominations, and just an all-around good time as we discuss the movie in detail. Favorite scenes, supporting actors, quotes, and even a push to #ReleaseTheHughesCut are featured during the podcast.

We asked out listeners to provide feedback on the movie and we’ll be reading back your takes as we wrap the review. We’ll also reveal the next movie that will be featured on TRN Drive-In next month. Also leave us feedback on the format of the show and tell us if we missed anything. Find us on social media @TRNsocial on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also connect directly with hosts Jason (@RD80s) and Mickey (@yesterdayville) on Twitter.

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