Have you seen the ads for VIP Exclusive Content and wanted to check it out? Have you only heard about the TRN Podcast After Hours show and wanted to hear the insanity within? Have you wanted to help support TRN but didn’t know how?

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So What Exactly Do You Have Access To As A VIP?

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  • The exclusive TRN After Hours podcast featuring Jason & Mickey!
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  • Exclusive video content filmed just for VIPs. Video like exclusive episodes of Wax Pack Flashback, TRN Taste Test, and more!
  • Exclusive written articles! Some past highlights include the 13-part TRN Fashion Files series, and the decades spanning Arcade Classics series!
  • Access to the VIP Lounge! The VIP Lounge is the hangout of everyone in the TRN family! All the various writers, podcast casts, VIPs and sometimes a few surprise guests interact on a daily basis…sometimes hourly. Folks posting retro trivia questions, photos of stuff theyre finding in stores, movie & TV talk, toys, and so much more. It’s quite a hangout for the retro minded!

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