TRN Weekly Wrap-Up

It has been a tremendous grand opening week here at TRN, and we want to thank everyone who has visited the site, listened to the pods, watched the videos, read the articles, and interacted with us on social media.  We hope you continue to be entertained as time goes on, as we have a lot more in store for everyone.

But right now, we want to look back at the first week of the network and give you quick access to everything in case you missed something.



The Retro Network Podcast – Episode 001

The debut episode of our flagship podcast dropped, with Jason and Mickey discussing numerous topics including New Coke, Robert Pattenson being cast as the new Batman, Godzilla, the ins and outs of TRN, and included an interview with the creative geniouses behind the SequelQuest Podcast.


SequelQuest Podcast Episode 102 – Brid Box 2

Join the SequelQuest Crew of Adam, Jeff and Jeramy as we pitch our ideas for a Bird Box Sequel. What could be next for Sandra Bullock’s Malorie and the world of blind survivalists? Will it be a tale of Boy and Girl all grown up to take on all comers as blind fighting survivors in a world gone crazy? Perhaps a chilling spin-off prequel telling the tale of Charlie’s co-worker, Fish Fingers? The ideas come fast and free in our first podcast episode on The Retro Network, so listen now!


Articles & Essays


Staying Up All Night WIth Rhonda Shear

Rhonda Shear was an iconic staple of late-night television in the ’90s. She was beautiful, funny, and oozed sex appeal. We pay tribute to her greatness and define why she was so magical.


Pac-Man in Print!  Some of His Best Adverts From the ’80s

Pac-Man has been a constant part of our pop culture lives since 1980. Take a look back at some memorable ads featuring the yellow hero we all love.


Heisenberg:  My ’80s Contraband Life

Copying music from the radio in the ’80s was just a way of life. We never thought of the ramifications of what we were doing. This is my story…the story of a music pirate.


Big Money, No Whammies:  The Scandal That Shook the Game Show World

In 1984, a man named Michael Larson racked up more winnings than anyone was thought possible on the game show, Press Your Luck. It wasn’t just luck, and the world of games shows would never be the same.


Weekday Morning Cartoons of the ’90s

When 90s rolled around, there was another special time to watch cartoons that has always stuck out in my mind. Saturday Morning Cartoons always get the glory, but I think it’s time to give Weekday Morning Cartoons of the 90s their due.


Retro Rerun Review:  Three’s Company

In this edition of Retro Rerun Review, I watch an old episode of Three’s Company and share my thoughts. I’ve never watched it before. Did I like it or not?


TRN Round Table:  Our Favorite Stores at the Mall

Several members of the TRN Bullpen come together to share with the world the stores they miss the most from the glory days of shopping malls.




Retro Rewind Show:  Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots!

TRN Up All Night:  Summer Job and Body Waves


News You May Have Missed


Ecto-1 and KITT Coming to Rocket League During “Radical Summer Event
“Punky Brewster” Reboot in the Works with Soleil Moon Frye Returning
DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Cancelled After Just One Episode


Curated Content


This is What it Actually Took to Become a Solid Gold Dancer in the ’80s – MeTV
Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 33 – Dinosaur Dracula
“I Love Lucy” Coming to Movie Theaters to Celebrate Lucille Ball’s Birthday – Do You Remember
When Princess Diana Danced with John Travolta in 1985 – Flashbak
5 Awesome Things on ebay This Week – Plaid Stallions
Mill Creek Loves the 90s! – Horror Movie BBQ
Barnstorming for the Atari 2600 – Retroist

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