TRN Up All Night: Moving Violations and Thunder Run

Welcome back to TRN Up All Night!  I hope you’ve gotten some rest from staying up late last night with Elvira.  Tonight, we’ve got another movie double-feature for you.  This time, we’re watching some “driving” movies that will keep you entertained for your late night binge watching.

First, we’re watching Moving Violations from 1985.  After receiving traffic violations, young Dana Cannon (John Murray) and other motorists are ordered by Judge Nedra Henderson (Sally Kellerman) to attend a driving school as a way to avoid further penalties. The reluctant students must contend with the stern Deputy Halik (James Keach) as a teacher and remain resigned to completing the course. However, when Dana and his classmates learn of a devious scheme involving Henderson and Halik, they rebel against their deceptive authority figures.

And then in our second feature, Thunder Run from 1986, features terrorists aiming heat-seeking rockets at a retired trucker (Forrest Tucker) and his grandson (John Shepherd) delivering plutonium.  It’s an adrenaline-fueled action movie in a big rig!  Enjoy!



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