TRN Up All Night: Summer Job and Body Waves

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TRN Up All Night!  Every Friday and Saturday night, we are going to be presenting some late night binge watching to keep you entertained.  Much like the classic series USA Up All Night that showed all through the 90’s, we’re going to be bringing you some of the best B-Movie action, horror flicks, cartoons, and a lot of other entertaining nonsense to keep you late at night.  Oh, and if you’re not up to speed on what exactly USA’s Up All Night was, check out the story Staying Up All Night with Rhonda Shear here on TRN.

To be sure you won’t miss any of the ’80s and ’90s glory, you’ll want to follow us on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook to see when each new episode drops.  But be sure that the excitement will begin at 11 PM eastern each and every Friday and Saturday night.  Have your pizza ordered, and your popcorn ready and settle in every weekend with us to go back in time to when the movies were low budget, but the entertainment value was high!

To kick things off, we’ve got summer themed double feature for you.  To start with, we’re watching the 1989 movie Summer Job.  It’s a story about a less-than-elite group of college coeds that pursue sexual adventure and bits of revenge, and actually do some of the work they are expected to do at a resort over the summer.

The second feature is Body Waves from 1992.  To prove his independence, a cocky teenager bets his father that he can support himself without the family business. But no one is more surprised than he is when the sex cream he invents actually works!

So settle in, binge and enjoy, and share your thoughts and reviews of the movies in the comments and on social media. Enjoy!




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