SequelQuest Rewind: Supernatural Sequel Special EP71

(From March 2018)

Oooooo, it’s getting spooky around the SequelQuest studios. That’s right this week we’re bringing you not 1, not 2, but 3 imaginary sequels to spooky films in our Supernatural Sequels Special! What started out as a free for all episode turned into a creepy podcast adventure you won’t want to miss.

Guillermo Del Toro just won his first Oscar for The Shape of Water, so imagine if he returned to the world of his first Spanish language thriller, El Diablo En Fuego with his frequent collaborator, Doug Jones reprising his role as the devil?

How about the infamous flop Curse of Mary returning the big screen as a dark comedy where the undead crew of the Mary Celeste find wacky ways to bring each new captain of the mysterious ghost ship down to a watery grave with hilarious results?

You’ll also hear how a sequel to late night TV mainstay The Slayings As Salem reunites Jeremy Irons and Donald Sutherland for more dark witchcraft adventure through a modern day tale of revenge shrouded in the robes of a vengeful wraith.

Stay until the end for a special announcement that will make the whole episode worth the wait, that is, if you’re not too busy shivering with terror.

SequelQuest Rewind | Supernatural Sequel Special | EP71

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