Retro Pull List: October 2020

I am shocked…shocked, that this list is not hundreds of retro Halloween themed titles coming to comic book stores. Maybe horror books aren’t selling well right now. Maybe we can blame Corona for this too. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some great retro themed content for the Retro Pull List: October 2020 edition.

Remember, check with your local comic store for availability. For digital purchases please visit ComiXology or ComiXology Unlimited. To purchase physical copies online, click on the comic book title and visit our affiliate Things From Another World to purchase which will help out The Retro Network at no further expense to you! Now, onward to the Retro Pull List: October 2020 edition…

Spider-Woman #100 from Marvel Comics

Or Spider-Woman #5. See kids, comics get cancelled all the time. Then they come back with a new number one. For big anniversary issues Marvel will put the “Legacy numbers”. So this is issue 5 of the current series but issue 100 celebrates counting every one of them since 1978. Hopefully classic friends and villains from over 40 years make appearances.

Rorschach #1 from DC Comics

This is a Black Label (adults only) story of the iconic Watchmen character 35 years later. Written by Tom King, and he writes some good comics people, this examines the legacy Rorschach left after Watchmen ended – for good or bad.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 from Image Comics

It’s the first issue all over again! But this time, in color! I really shouldn’t be so excited to reread this comic solely because it’s now in color. But it’s sitting next to me in my to read pile already.

Transformers/Back to the Future #1 from IDW

Time travel attracts all sorts of unwanted attention. The Libyans. Biff. And now, the Decepticons. Marty and Doc must try to survive the evil forces with their new tranforming friend – Gigawatt!

Holly Jolly from Two Morrows Publishing

This is shipping November 4th. Two Morrows always puts out great books and magazines examining the rich and now not forgotten history of comics. This is a near 200 page hardcover celebrating pop culture memories of Christmas time. I can smell the milk and cookies.

Welcome to Smellville (Garbage Pail Kids Book 1)

RL Stine writing the gross out kings of the 1980’s! No doubt this is better than the cult torture endurance movie. This book also comes with four stickers! Now teachers have no reason to complain about the cards. We’re not trading disgusting cards. We’re reading!

These and hundreds of other comics are brand new this month. Plus thousands of back issues for you to discover and find limitless entertainment at your local comic book shop.

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