Retro Pull List: January 2021

New year, new me, and best of all new comics!

Every month I read through the giant Previews catalog to see what is coming out this month with a retro taste to it. Collections of old material or maybe a fresh take on a familiar favorite. No matter what it may be, it is worth a trip to your local comic book store. Show up, give them a call, or slide into their DMs. Ask for one of these comics that looks cool to you and maybe pick up a couple other things while you’re there.

Remember, check with your local comic store for availability. For digital purchases visit ComiXology or ComiXology Unlimited. To purchase physical copies online, click on the comic book title below and visit our affiliate Things From Another World to purchase which will also help out The Retro Network at no further expense to you! On with The Retro Pull List: January 2021 edition…

Star Wars: The High Republic #1 (Marvel)

Hundreds of years before the familiar Skywalker saga, this adventure begins! When Disney bought Marvel so many of the books and comics that existed were wiped away from the official continuity. This new series is a new exploration of what does and doesn’t count in a galaxy far far away. There are so many corners of the Star Wars universe that are unexplored and this is a great way to discover these stories from the beginning.

Three Stooges Through the Ages #1 (American Mythology)

(Final art not yet available.)

Three stories in this debut issue. One story for each unique group of Stooges. All of the fun you grew up loving but now out of black and white and into the four color world. The old Three Stooges comics are hysterical and these new stories can stand right next to them. Until the limbs start flying.

Warrior Nun: Dora Volume 1 Collection (Avatar Press)

If you remember the “bad girl” comic book craze of in the 1990’s (and if you don’t, go listen to the Wizards podcast right here on the Retro Network) you might remember the original Warrior Nun, Areala. Dora is the latest in a line of Warrior Nuns. Her story takes place in the 1990’s with grunge and darkness influencing the kids. And hey, check it out on Netflix too.

Monsters (Fantagraphics)

Ground breaking, influential, and iconic artist Barry Windsor-Smith spent 35 years putting this story together. A story of family, violence, drama, and thrills. No, this has nothing to do with any previously known property. It is all about celebrating the artist we were already astounded by in his newest work.

Sunday’s Fun Day, Charlie Brown (Titan Comics)

A reprint of the classic collection of Peanuts strips. These remind me of the old mass market comic strip collections most of us only find in thrift stores and library book sales now. Only $6.99 for 128 pages of some of the classic Peanuts comics from the newspaper. I’m all for Charles Schulz take on skateboarding.

What are you looking forward from the Retro Pull List: January 2021? Are there any others you have your sights on? It’s the start of a brand new year of comics and many amazing things will happen.

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