Retro Pull List for November 2020

The latest post each and every month. I just cannot get on track this year. But can any of us? At least it’s almost over. Just over one month left of this challenging year.

But you wont find it challenging to find something great at your local comic book store! I found a few retro titles to mention in this column but there is a lot of cool stuff on the shelves right now. Many comic shops are having Black Friday sales either on Friday or at some point during the week. My local shop is having a 25% off sale and my wife is already scared. Keep reading to find some titles you may want to bring home at any price.

Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story (DC Comics)

A Young Adult retelling of Mr Freeze’s tragic love story. This looks incredible and if you have an emo teen at home wondering why love hurts – this might help.

Wolverine: Black, White, and Blood #1 (Marvel Comics)

Stripped down black and white, noting flashy, untold adventures of Wolverine. With a splash or a bucket full of blood red when necessary. Which I’m guessing is a lot. This feels like it’s inspired by the Marvel black and white magazines, and you can’t go wrong there.

Power Pack #1 (Marvel Comics)

Power Pack is back, Jack! (Along with Alex, Katie, and Julie.) They’re still young but they know a little bit more about being super heroes than they did in the 1980’s. But now there’s a law against underage super heroing. I’m sure they’ll listen and not get in any trouble.

Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons (from Dark Horse)

I mean, what a no brainer. This might be the biggest Reese’s two great tastes that taste great together of the year.

Locke and Key/The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone (from IDW and DC)

Or this might be the biggest one. I don’t think we can guess which one will be better based on first issues alone but that won’t stop me from buying both and finding out.

Muhammad Ali, Kinshasa (Titan)

A graphic novel retelling the classic Rumble in the Jungle fight. This looks stunning. The creators were given access to so much material in order to make this a definitive version of the battle.

That’s the cool stuff I found this month. Let me know what cool comics you’re discovering. Either brand new or in the back issue bins.

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