Retro Pull List: December 2020

Let’s put the Retro Pull List column to bed along with this entire year. I’ve bought more comics this year since probably I was a teenager and Image debuted. I wanted to bring more joy and fun into my life because everything else sucked. Comics, both new and old, bring so much entertainment into our lives. Let’s take a look at the Retro Pull List: December 2020 edition and then hope all of the super heroes can team up for a better 2021.

Remember, check with your local comic store for availability. For digital purchases please visit ComiXology or ComiXology Unlimited. To purchase physical copies online, click on the comic book title below and visit our affiliate Things From Another World to purchase which will also help out The Retro Network at no further expense to you! On with The Retro Pull List: December 2020 edition…

Chris Claremont Anniversary Special #1 (Marvel Comics)

Claremont has been writing about Marvel heroes for decades. This issue stars Dani Moonstar of the New Mutants as she leads a mission featuring other Marvel icons Chris loves to write. If you bought mutant comics in the 1980s this is for you.

King Size Conan #1 (Marvel Comics)

Celebrating 50 years of Conan in comics. This extra large size issue is a tribute to everything Conan has done, and what he is about to do in the pages of Marvel. Some of comics greatest writers and artists come together for multiple stories inside. There’s a reason this guy with a loincloth and sword has out lasted all imitators. Fans new and old will find out that reason here.

Pete Von Sholly’s History of Monsters (Clover Press)

Folded accordian hardcover history of monsters from caves to cinema. Holy crap this book looks crazy. This is an advance solicit for 1/27 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out. Gorgeous art, tons of details, and just the set up of the book demands each and every person that sees it will spend at least a couple minutes looking through.

Lady Death: Homages! Artbook (Coffin Comics)

This hardcover collects covers and other images of Lady Death that pay tribute to other iconic art. Frazetta, Heavy Metal, comics, sci-fi, fantasy and so much more. The white skin, sword, and other iconic parts of Lady Death come not-alive in numerous pop culture echos.

Taarna #1 (Heavy Metal)

Speaking of Heavy Metal, here comes the star of the animated movie in her own series. In a battle spanning multi years and multiverse, Taarna wages war against Kako. Her segment is arguably the most memorable from the cult film and a series of her further adventures is long overdue.

The Disney Bros.: The Fabulous Story of Walt and Roy (NBM)

A graphic novel telling of brothers Walt and Roy founding the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. Hmmm. I think that name changes along the way. The artist chose a cartoon style that looks like a missing Disney film, but the story is not a simple one for young children. Personal lows and company highs play out across this book.

Super Mario Manga Mania (Viz)

Super Mario comics have existed in Japan for years but this is the first time they’re making their way State side. This is a collection of some of the best of Mario stories over the years. 160 pages, black and white, and only $9.99. I’m not even a huge video game person and this sounds awesome!

What did you find at your local comic shop this month? I’m making one more trip this year and bringing a wish list with me.

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