Retro Pull List – Comics Are Back Part 2

In Comics Are Back Part 1, we took at all the comics from April that were delayed thanks to coronavirus. Continuing our look at retro titles, today’s picks were originally solicited for May shipping dates. Make sure to check with your local comic book shop for revised shipping dates and availability. Also, some of these titles were originally in print but have now been changed to digital only releases. So as long as you’re on the internet, head over to ComiXology or their Netflix-like Comixology Unlimited program as well to see what exclusive titles are now there. Finally, after Part 1 was posted DC Comics announced that they will no longer be distributed by Diamond. Which means the Previews catalogs will no longer solicit DC Comics. DC has a downloadable PDF on their site which will be the new way to find out their upcoming releases. Be nice to your local comic shop. This is stressing them out.

With all of that said, here is what I thought looked cool inside Previews #378 soliciting comics (originally) on sale in May 2020. Click on the comic titles to order physical copies from our affiliate Things From Another World and help out The Retro Network at no further expense to you!

The Marvels #1 (from Marvel Comics)

Veteran comic book readers might remember Marvels, the fully realistically painted series featuring an every man point of view retelling of the Marvel Universe. Taking that idea a little further, this brand new title written by Kurt Busiek (Marvels, Astro City) will tell stories from every corner and time of the Marvel Universe. Long forgotten Golden Age characters, tales from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Marvel’s future and more. A great way to read new takes on your favorite classic Marvel characters from your youth and an introduction to ones you may not be familiar with.

Acts of Vengeance: Marvel Universe TPB (from Marvel Comics)

Collecting one of the most fondly remembered comic book crossovers of the 1990’s. In Acts of Vengeance, Marvel’s villains come together and plan to switch adversaries. The reason they keep getting defeated is because they keep fighting the same hero over and over again. Change it up! Avengers villains fight the X-Men, Iron Man rogues fight Spider-Man, and this occurs throughout the Marvel Universe. This collection is full of stories that took place outside of the main plot. The Punisher takes on Doctor Doom. Power Pack vs Ultron. And my favorite, the Fantastic Four is assaulted by dozens of villains in one of the funniest comics I’ve ever read.

Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 (from DC Comics)

Picking up where the classic animated series left off! These new stories are set within the cartoon world. Think of it like an extra season of the show. Characters that never showed up like Deathstroke are finally given their animated debuts. Azrael is introduced. Plus continuations and updates on characters you loved while watching after school.

Batgirl #47 (from DC Comics)

I’m going to assume if you are reading this column you’ve also read The Killing Joke at some point. Which means you’re well aware nothing good can happen when the Joker knocks on Barbara Gordon’s door.

Norse Mythology #1 (Dark Horse)

An all star retelling of the legends of Norse Mythology. Sure, Thor and Loki will be here at some point. But also so so much more. Written by Neil Gaiman (Sandman). Written and drawn by P Craig Russell (Coraline). Art by Mike Mignola (Hellboy). Art by Jerry Ordway (Superman, Shazam, Crisis). This has the potential to be the next great cross over comic seen as literature.

My Little Pony/Transformers issues #1-4 (from IDW)

A malfunctioning Spacebridge causes the worlds of Equestria and Cybertron to crossover! This is what happens when two properties that have nothing in common are owned by the same toy company. The Mane Six ponies meet up with Arcee, Grimlock, and Windshear. They team up to battle Soundwave, the Insecticons, and more!

Casper All Star Spooks #1 (from American Mythology)

I’m starting to become a big proponent for spreading knowledge of nearly forgotten pop culture characters. The American Mythology company is doing an amazing job of bringing dead trademarks back. This Casper comic will feature reprints of his original Harvey adventures that haven’t been seen in 45 years.

Next week I’ll be back to look at the comics that were planned for June but will be pushed back a bit as April and May get caught up. Let me know any comics you’ve been interested in lately. For great retro comics discussion tune in to the Wizards podcast right here on The Retro Network.

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