Retro Pull List – Comics Are Back Part 1

Hey kids, comic books are back!

Back? Where did they go?

During “these trying times” the comic book publishers and distribution decided to halt the printing and shipping of comic books across the country. Many shops were closed and new policies for safety and distance had to be implemented. No comics came out in April, and a few trickled out at the end of May. Now in June we’re close to back to normal. Kind of. Original on sale dates are out the window. Some titles will now be digital only, without any physical edition. Maybe eventually when and if there is a graphic novel collection of the title. Also, many stores had to cut back the number of titles they order to save money.

My recommendation for any comics that look good to you. First, contact your local comic book store. Call them up and ask if they have any extra copies of that title. Ask for it to be put on your pull list. Start a pull list at your shop if you don’t have one already. Let your local store know you will be in at least once a month to purchase those books. If your local shop doesn’t have any copies or if your favorite title is one that went digital only log on to Comixology. Not only are all of the week’s new titles available for digital download but they also have tens of thousands of previous books to read. Many are also available under their Netflix-like Comixology Unlimited program. One low price per month gives you access to thousands of comics.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at the retro themed comic books that were originally scheduled for an April 2020 release. Click on the comic titles to order physical copies from our affiliate Things From Another World and help out The Retro Network at no further expense to you!

The Punisher vs Barracuda #1 from Marvel Comics

Years ago Marvel attempted an adults only line called Marvel MAX. Language, nudity, violence. This is where Jessica Jones debuts. One of the most logical comics published under this imprint was an R rated Punisher title that was an original take on Frank Castle away from the official Marvel Universe. In this title Punisher fought one of the worst immoral killers he’s ever faced – Barracuda. For those who remember the MAX line this is the official Marvel universe debut and things might never be the same again.

How to Read Comics the Marvel Way #1 from Marvel Comics

I am constantly told by friends and family who don’t read comics that they don’t know how. It’s difficult to follow the panels and word balloons at first. Plus the decades of history that surround some titles, especially by Marvel. In this series Mysterio has trapped Spider-Man inside of a comic. As Spidey fights back he navigates the pages and panels which also serves as explanation to the reader.

Star Wars: The Action Figure Variant Covers #1 from Marvel Comics

Every one of us who reads comics has bought one at least once because the cover was cool. Publishers are well aware of this and will print variants all the time. One of the more popular ones were Marvel’s Star Wars comics with special action figure covers. These covers looked like the peg hooks of Toys R Us, full of a galaxy of characters. There’s no story in here, just page after page of pretty covers.

Star Comics: Top Dog – The Complete Collection Volume 1 from Marvel Comics

If you read toy based Marvel Comics in the 1980’s like Thundercats, ALF, or Heathcliff then you might remember Marvel also had original characters for their all ages line. Planet Terry, Spider-Ham, and today’s star – Top Dog. Like an escaped Hanna Barbera character this all ages comic would be great nostalgia or a way to get the next generation into comics.

Paul is Dead original graphic novel from Image Comics

What would have happened if Paul McCartney did actually die? This time there’s no need to play the record backwards and hear “Paul is dead”. This is an imagining of Paul’s final hours during the writing sessions for Sgt. Pepper.

Alien: The Original Screenplay #1 from Dark Horse Comics

Release the Snyder cut! Oh sorry, wrong thing. In this comic the Alien movie you know and love is taken back to the original script from 1976 written by Dan O’Bannon. No need to edit the script away from the limits of special effects, shooting locations, or budget issues. This is full blown Alien like you’ve never seen before.

Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #1 from Dynamite Comics

Yes you read that title right. Nancy dies mysteriously and its up to Frank and Joe to solve this murder. Juvenile crime noir. These aren’t the large print easy to read mysteries your mom would rather buy for you than a comic during a trip to WaldenBooks. This is a mystery that doesn’t talk down to the audience who remembers their names.

Buffy: Every Generation #1 from Boom Studios

As the legendary TV show told us, every generation a slayer is born. In this new comic the long line of slayers throughout history will be explored. A handful were seen on the show and a couple more in the comics. There’s still hundreds of years to explore. This comic will be a great trip through history, but with vampires.

Red Nails #1 from Ablaze

Did you read Marvel’s Conan comics when you were younger? Were you brave enough to read the black and white ones with a little more graphic details? Did that leave you wanting more? Red Nails is a Conan book that can’t be called Conan because someone else is publishing that title. Big mature themes warning for this unchained version of the Cimmerian.

Underdog in Space #1 from American Mythology Productions

Have no fear, Underdog is here! And this time, he’s in space. Join Underdog and his friends Sweet Polly Purebred, Tennessee Tuxedo and more. Plus his extensive rogues gallery is along for the launch.

Drawing Blood Volume 1: Spilled Ink from Kevin Eastman Studios

One half of the team that created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has created this true fiction tale. A story of the time artist Shane “Books” Bookman created the Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls when he was younger and how that changed his life for good or bad. Like I said, totally fictional true story.

That’s all for what was meant to come out in April. Come back for the Retro Pull List Part 2 for what was meant to be out in May. Then we’ll look at June and should all go well be close to back to a regular comic publishing schedule by July.

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