Retro Pull List: Aug and Sept 2021

Comics never left, but now I’m back too!

Hey kids, biff, bam, pow! Life can get crazy at times. So crazy I missed an entire month and almost missed a second. Thankfully, comic books aren’t like those crazy NFTs all the kids are going for. There are many copies out there whether it be still fresh on the rack at your local comic book store, in the back issue bins, buying them online and waiting for the mail to arrive at your house, or digitally. We’re here to read some great retro themed comics and no matter if you prefer a tablet or paper, the stories are still there waiting for you to discover.

Let’s check out the Retro Pull List for August 2021 first and then we’ll look at September. For digital purchases, visit ComiXology or ComiXology Unlimited. To purchase physical copies online, click on the comic book title below and visit our affiliate Things From Another World. Your purchase will help out The Retro Network and be no further expense to you. Here is the August 2021 Retro Pull List…

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 (Dynamite)

This new series started in August but continues through the Halloween season. These two icons of horror finally meet on the printed page in celebration of Elvria’s 70th birthday. How will Elvira handle a ghost as sarcastic and eternal as herself? Tune in to this limited series to find out.

Batman ’89 #1 (DC Comics)

Even if you’re not into comics, if you’re reading or listening to anything on The Retro Network, you’re going to want this book. Continuing the adventures of Michael Keaton’s Batman as if the movies continued. Including, and best of all, Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent and his journey into Two Face! Check out some of your local stores for the rarer Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman variants.

Superman ’78 #1 (DC Comics)

And if you enjoyed that trip to the past with Batman, then you’ll love continuing the adventures of the greatest Superman ever, Christopher Reeve. A story that would have been very limited if not impossible back then, and still a challenge with modern special effects. What happens when a giant alien ship appears above Metropolis and who is Brainiac? Long time comic readers or fans of Challenge of the Super-Friends are well familiar with Brainiac and seeing how he pairs off with or against not only Reeve’s Superman but also Gene Hackmans’ Lex Luthor will attract even the most casual comic readers.

Transformers: King Grimlock #1 (IDW)

Could anything be better than transforming robots? Maybe Conan. What if we take Transformers and sword and sorcery tales and combine them into metal meets steel? Grimlock is transported to a new, shall we say “savage” world and has to not only survive but also thrive as the new dominant being in this realm.

Transformers: Shattered Glass #1 (IDW)

Even more Transformers to get excited about! Have you been watching Marvel’s What If…? on Disney +? The idea of multiverses spinning out of our favorite characters making different decisions has become common in super hero comics but still has a lot of fresh ground in other franchises. In this series, Blur from the only good Transformers movie is our guide through an alternate version of the Transformers. The Autobots and Decepticons are usually black and white sides of good and evil, but what if a bit of anti-hero and questions of trust are thrown into our post movie timeline?

September Picks!

Much like Green Day said, wake me up in a couple of days.

Enjoy not only these comics but all of the other new issues each and every week. This column usually focuses on first issues but if you enjoy the first issue of any series be sure to ask your local comic shop to subscribe you for each and every new issue so you never miss a chapter of the story. That’s a true Pull List!

September is almost over, spooky season is upon us, Retro Con is nigh, and there is still time to pick up new comics that debuted this month. Now that the kids are settled into school, why not take a bit of personal time each Wednesday before the bus comes back and head over to your local comic book store. The books that will be mentioned and so many more are there on the racks waiting for you to discover and love.

Here is the September 2021 Retro Pull List…

Transformers 2021 Halloween Special #1 (IDW)

In a story titled “I Have No Mouth and I Must Starscream” (any other fans of Harlan Ellison out there?), the character who became the most famous ghost in the Transformers universe has his own ghost story to deal with. Starscream heads to the desert to clear his head and comes face to face with something else making too much noise.

The Army of Darkness 1979 #1 (Dynamite)

If you enjoyed the Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 comics from last month, you’ll enjoy this similar retrun to yesteryear. From the Evil Dead trilogy, Ash Williams has been fighting all sorts of deadites and worse across the Dynamite universe. He now returns to a quiet life in the South Bronx and the slumbering year of 1979. Or, maybe some bad and evil stuff happens.

Zorro Flights #1 (American Mythology)

Zorro returns and for the first time in 15 years his latest exploits are once again told by Don McGregor. I don’t want to spoil too much here but the comic is called Flights and that logo is very dragon looking. Is this real? Is Zorro about to fight mythical creatures? Or could there be some sort of distraction?

Fantastic Four #35 (Marvel)

Celebrating 60 years of comics’ first family. At some point nearly every comic book reader has picked up a copy of the Fantastic Four. The family has expanded, members have come and gone, bad things have happened and yet they stay together. This over sized issue (92 pages!) pits the Fantastic Four against many variations of Kang in a battle across all of time. Hmmm, that Kang guy seems to be getting more attention from Marvel lately. I wonder why. Keep reading though for more FF stories from some of the greatest writers and artists to ever set foot in the Baxter Building that puts in motion the next chapter for hopefully 60 more years.

Harley Quinn: The Eat, Bang, Kill Tour #1 (DC Comics)

So, ummm, how do I put this? If you’re a fan of retro stories than chances are it’s because you’re old enough to remember these characters the first time around. Which means chances are you’re an adult. And there is no more adult story in comics or comics realted media right now than the Harley Quinn cartoon on HBO Max. It is a hard R animated action comedy. Adults love it, your partner will love it, but watch it at night once the kids are in bed. The same holds true for this comic, which continues where season two of the show left off. All of the violence, all of the filth, and all of the love.

Make sure to give your local comic shop some love too. Pop in, grab these books and check out so many more. Then add your name to a pull list and make sure your favorite titles are guaranteed every month.

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