Recurrent Events: Thundercats Roar Coming 2020, Stranger Things Pinball, My Pet Monster Reaction Figures

Recurrent Events is returning to TRN Podcast this week as we say goodbye to 2019 and get ready to toast a new decade! The end of the year is typically quiet but we’ve managed to gather a few topics to discuss on the show and several more for you to explore.

The big story this week is Cartoon Network seems to be releasing Thundercats Roar! animated series after all. You might remember when Entertainment Weekly released the initial concept art back in 2018, there was quite a backlash among the fan community. Turns out, the project has still been moving forward and according to a recent 2020 Sneak Peek video the series will be released next year. I’m in the camp that any reboot from a property from the ’80s is worth a shot. While the artwork looks much different to those of us who remember watching the original series after school, Thundercats Roar! seems to be targeted at the younger Teen Titans audience on Cartoon Network. Of course, I’m sure the show will feature content that will go above the target audience’s head that we parents will get, but the animation style is clearly targeted at modern kids. More discussed on this week’s TRN Podcast.

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events headlines for the week of Dec 22-28, 2019. (Stories marked with *** are ones we discuss on the podcast.)






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