Recurrent Events: The Mandalorian Casts Ahsoka Tano, New Green Hornet Comic Series, Skittles Freezer Pops

The weekly Recurrent Events column features the latest retro pop culture headlines. Listen to Jason and Mickey go in depth on select stories in the upcoming TRN Podcast this Tuesday. Movies, TV, Food, Video Games, Music, Toys…we’ve got you covered on all the nostalgic stuff that matters to you.

The big story this week continues to be coronavirus and how the vast majority of the American public is in self quarantine. More states and major cities are requiring businesses to close and citizens to stay in doors which means online entertainment and streaming are at an all-time high. My message to our readers continues to be…STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY. I continue to work at my office but I’ve tried to stay away from eating out and visiting any stores that really aren’t necessary (#thriftstorewithdrawl). It’s discouraging I know and while some of us are more independent and don’t mind the reduced human interaction, I still know many who need that companionship that words on a screen simply can’t replace. While we are trying to provide more podcast, articles, and videos, we are happy to talk with anyone who is struggling and needs some encouragement. Contact Us if you need to go deeper or just reminisce about pop culture. And if you just need a good distraction, don’t forget about our Best of TRN Guide which can offer you hours of nostalgia. We care about our followers and the retro community so please tell us if you need anything or even have request for a feature or podcast. STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY, and we’ll get through this thing together!

Here are the Recurrent Events headlines for the week of March 15-21, 2020.

(Stories marked with *** are discussed on TRN Podcast this week.)






Recurrent Events can be found each week as a segment on The Retro Network Podcast. Please subscribe and leave a comment on your favorite story from the list above. Also visit the Recurrent Events Archive for headlines from previous weeks!

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