Recurrent Events: ‘Goonies’ Reunion, New ‘Back to the Future’ Pops, Sour Patch Kids Chips Ahoy

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The big story this week is Hasbro continuing two beloved ’80s franchises in the theater. G.I. Joe and Transformers made waves this past week on theatrical film projects.First, writers have been hired for the next G.I. Joe film which is described as “not quite a sequel but rather an expansion to take audience goers deeper into the world of Joe.” I’m hoping the new Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie takes a page out of Bumblebee and reflects the “Real American Hero” era that we all love. Going deeper on specific characters would be fine as long as they embrace the file cards of the past and not try to reinvent the wheel. For Transformers, there were two projects announced this past week including the 7th live-action movie and a new animated prequel. I’m all for Transformers going back to its roots with an animated movie but the premise of a prequel on Cybertron has me worried how the robots can still transform into cars, jets, and vehicles on a planet devoid of them. Wasn’t Soundwave original a light post in the first episode of the animated series? As far as the live-action movie, the best thing would be to just ignore everything before Bumblebee. It might be difficult to tie into Bumblebee directly but keeping the spirit of the G1 era I think is essential to keeping the older fans appeased.

Here are the Recurrent Events headlines for the week of April 26-May 2, 2020.

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