Recurrent Events: G.I. Joe Mobile Game, Chucky TV Series, WWE Ice Cream Bars

Another great week of headlines has passed us by but Recurrent Events is here to recap the retro pop culture you crave. You’ll get to hear Mickey and I discuss several topics on TRN Podcast this week including several TV reboots in the works. In fact, the TV/Streaming section is loaded with headlines this week on reboots, remakes, and even musical adaptations.

The big story this week for me is the new G.I. Joe: War on Cobra mobile game coming January 20. While I’m not a huge fan of multiplayer strategy games like Clash of Clans, I am planning on giving it a shot. I enjoy card collecting games and it sounds like this game incorporates that aspect as well so I’ll be trying to get my favorites. The characters style is a little different from what I’m used to but should still be easy to identify your favorites (vehicles included.) It’s the right time to release a new game with fans gearing up for Snakes Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins release in October. It’s a shame that more of G.I. Joe has not been utilized over the last several years. Hasbro has gone back to the toy well so many times but I really think a franchise with this many characters and stories should always have something new whether it be video games, animated shows, or other products.

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events headlines for the week of Dec 5 – Jan 11. (Stories marked with *** are discussed on TRN Podcast this week.)








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