Recurrent Events: Bill Murray Returning for ‘Ghostbusters 2020’, ‘Rocketeer’ Animated Series, Timex T-80 Watch Returns

TRN Podcast returns this week with a Time Machine topic ripped from the headlines! In last week’s Recurrent Events, we told you that McDonald is Celebrating 40 Years Of Happy Meals with Throwback Toys. So, we will be discussing our memories of visiting McDonald’s as kids and our Top 5 Happy Meal toys. Also be on the lookout for a fun tribute video we put together for the occasion.

There were some great headlines this week across many categories of pop culture. Remember, if you see *** before the headline, you’ll be hearing us talk about it on the upcoming TRN Podcast. Here are Recurrent events for the week of Nov 3-9, 2019.







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