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‘Last Christmas’ by Wham!

When I interviewed the late Deon Estus (former Wham! bassist), I asked him about 1984’s holiday single “Last Christmas.” His response was, “Every artist has to do a Christmas song. It is one of my favorites to this CONTINUE READING…

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When Santa Became Real

I want to share a story from my childhood about a Christmas unlike any other I had known before it. It was a Christmas that changed my outlook on the holiday, and as you’ll read, CONTINUE READING…


Do You Remember? Joust

You have to wonder whether the programmers at Williams Electronics didn’t have a bit of a sadistic streak in them. It’s one thing to pit best friends against one another—Gun Fight, Warlords, and others had already taken CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Condorman

Picture James Bond, slightly geekier and with a winged condor suit. Got it? Then you’re ready for Condorman, a goofy action/comedy from Disney, starring the world’s most unlikely superheroic secret agent. Comic book writer/artist Woody Wilkins CONTINUE READING…

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New Coke
Best Of 1

The Short Life of New Coke

Perhaps one of the darkest days in soft drink history occurred on April 23, 1985, when a true American icon was altered beyond all recognition. Yes, this is the day that Coca-cola announced to the CONTINUE READING…

Code Red
Best Of 2

5 Nearly Forgotten TV Shows

Through the many years of television, there have been thousands of TV shows created.  Usually, only the cream of the crop last for multiple seasons and go on to live vividly in the memories of CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember?


Do You Remember? Count Duckula

Count Duckula was a centuries-old vampire who also happened to be a duck. While trying to revive him, the Count’s assistant Igor accidentally injected him with ketchup instead of blood. This mishap resulted in the CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Sorry!

Woe to the unlucky Sorry! player, and the torrent of conflicting advice he hears from the little animated angel and devil that perch on either shoulder. Angel: “Show some sportsmanship! Prove you know the fine CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember


Few phrases strike more fear in the hearts of parents than, “Can I have a puppy/kitty/bunny/parakeet/lizard?” (for the record, those are separate pet options, not one horrible, genetically-engineered super pet). And with good reason. Mom CONTINUE READING…

Moon Patrol
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Moon Patrol

It wasn’t easy patrolling the rocky terrain of Moon Patrol, but if it was any consolation, they gave you a really cool car. The purple, six-wheeled, high-jumping, laser-blasting vehicle at the center of Moon Patrol was a dream CONTINUE READING…

Panama Jack
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Panama Jack

While yuppies raced up Wall Street in designer sneakers and powersuits, the surfing subculture glorified the relaxed nature of fun in the sun. Panama Jack had been making sun-care products for their native Florida since CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Blackstar

Astronaut John Blackstar was sucked through a black hole and awakened to find himself stranded on the planet Sagar. Since he had never heard of this planet, John figured he would never see earth again CONTINUE READING…

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