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My So Called Life
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Looking Back at My So-Called Life

Every person alive since TV became mainstream has a show that they would hand to aliens to show them what it was like to be a teenager. For me, that show is My So-Called Life. Let’s look at it with 25 years of hindsight. CONTINUE READING…

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10 Best Cartoons of the 80’s

Cartoons were inescapable in the 1980’s. Saturday mornings, weekday afternoons and even on cable TV, colorful animated characters were everywhere we looked. While the majority were shoddy productions conceived as part of carefully constructed marketing CONTINUE READING…

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Girl Meets (Game) Boy

Here’s my secret shame as an ’80s kid and ’90s teen: I have never owned a game console. I was too young for the Atari 2600 and my dad wouldn’t let us have a Nintendo or CONTINUE READING…